The Demon War

A Journals Tale
Some key passages

The journal found in the dragon cave was damaged, and some areas are completely unreadable but Ke-laf was able to find some interesting passages. She will slowly be able to make out more and this post will be updated from time to time.

The first fully readable passage is several pages in:

Day 300

The Mayor in Clostron has been acting strangely. I fear that he bares ill will towards us. I fear we will have to flee before we discover the information.

Day 375

The demons have invaded Qu? (some smudged words) if the pow (more smudged words) be defeated with the aid of the Sea

Day 476

With great expense we have obtained the dolphin.

Day 482

What great luck is with us. We have discovered the location of the Island so quickly. I fear that retrieving it from the Crey will prove difficult though.

Countries and Kingdoms


Humans often mistrust other races in this world, and many of those races were driven from their homes. In the end most of them settled in Ospines, a place where everyone was accepted. Most of the races were mostly killed off before they managed to get to Ospines and found few and far between in the country. A few exceptions are the Elfs and the mutated “lesser elfs” (so referred to by elfs) called temri and centaurs. While centaurs have a good sized population here they mostly keep to them selfs. They have done much of the work with the demon war when it first broke out.


Almost all human population, Neskiyra is most known for its assassins and bandits. For those who live there they have found how to avoid the bandits, and the assassins are usually hired by people outside of their country to kill people in other countries. Neskiyra is a quiet and mysterious country, and has somehow managed to not get involved in many of the wars. Some people say that a great time traveler would go back in time every time there was a war and assassinate the person who was responsible. Most people say that such an ability does not exist and that and only the crazies dare to tell such stories.


A wildlands of bandits and pirates, the people here live life on the edge. The main income for the country is the spices and fruit that they export as well as some other exotic goods. This country houses the richest people in the world and they have heavy security as thieves are always trying to steal from them.


Is the country of mining. Everything from stone to the rarest gems is from this country. Overall the country with the greatest wealth, it exports stone for buildings and gems at a great rate, but the imports almost all their food. With the demon war this country has been struggling to survive with the lack of food as the places where they do grow/raise their own food is now controlled by the demons.


Around half of this country is desert and the people here love it. With the rainfall the lowest around this dry heat can seem like torment to most visitors, but the locals hardly seem to notice. This country doesn’t seem to have law or order, but the crime rate is very low. That said if you need to buy something you wouldn’t be able to normally this is the place to go.

Triam Shad

If you thought the pirates in Rudrustan were bad you are in for a surprise when you reach Triam Shad. This is pirate country, and even if you aren’t a pirate you know and are probably close with one. Other countries have tried to wipe out the pirates here, but cannot handle the jungle heat and the sicknesses that come with it.


This country here is human territory. The King hates all races other than humans, and hates magic just as much. Magic is completely outlawed in his country, anybody who is discovered to be practicing it is put to death, and non-humans are thrown out or killed. High military has kept this kingdom alive and although the demons first attacked there, they haven’t gotten ahold of new territory in the kingdom in a long time and are even losing territory now.

Tales of Aliens

A story is told how long ago a strange race came from a far off planet looking for a runaway criminal. The strange looking race and coal black skin and wings of great size (see characters page). Much of the story has been lost but it is known that the aliens were convinced that the humans here were protecting the criminal and threatened destroy everyone until the criminals location was discovered. Long story short a brave young stepped forward and with her smooth talking calmed the aliens down. After a few short days of discussion the aliens left and were never seen again.

Deities in a little more detail.

So it can be a bit confusing sometimes, like where do deities live? What do they do in their spare time. I have decided that deities live in a spirit world, much like the one found in avatar the last airbender, and legend of korra. It does not work exactly the same but there are many similarities. Not much in known about the spirit world as very few mortals have gone there that did not ascend to godhood in the process. More knowledge will be obtained throughout the course of the campaign and will be added to this post.

I got some starting gear for you!

You will also have a little more tailored to you char, but here is some gear that each of you have.

Soldiers Lunch Box

Twice per day, at 4am and 4pm, the lunch box is filled with the food pictured on the lid. If the lunch box is opened the food will start to spoil. Lids connect to each other and can be placed on the bottom of the box when not in use. Lids included are, Bread and Eggs, Chicken and Gravy, and a salad. More lids may be collected.

Goblet of Quenching

At your command, this simple clay goblet fills itself with cool, fresh drinking water. The goblet can create up to 2 gallons of water per day. The water evaporates normally if left exposed, and is completely normal water; you can store it, use it to create holy water, and so on.

+2 Belt of Mighty Constitution

This belt grants the wearer an enhancement bonus to Constitution of +2. Treat this as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the belt is worn. (These belts were looted from a successful fight against the demons several months ago)


Flint & Steel

Spell component pouch, Holy Symbol, Spellbook, Formula Book (if you class needs it)



Thieves' Tools


Healer's Kit

Holy Water (a small band of clerics work day and night creating holy water to use in battle. Although you are able to get some when you need some you can't just bring 100 bottles with ya)

Ink and Quill

Parchment sheets

MW Chain Shirt

You also get a masterwork weapon of your choice though perhaps not from the army


NPCs and Deities
and where to find em

So all the NPCs that you will have already met will be available for viewing in the characters area of the Portal. Also I am going to be uploading the Deities that you can worship in Characters area as well. Most of the lore of the Deities has been lost to time many of them only having a small following with Alena being the most dominant of them all. Most clerics and paladins you meet in this war will be servants of Alena.

I have not uploaded all the Deities yet, but will let you know when they are all there.

Magic Items
what the army provides

Magic Items are a rarity in the world. If you have an item you wish to buy you must roll a check to see if you find it. Ask me for more details. If you find the item it costs 1.75 times on much as the normal price, but when selling an item its price varies depending on who you can find as a buyer. If you have the skill Profession: Merchant you have the ability to haggle prices down when buying or up when selling.

Roll20 Link

Here is the link for the game on roll20

Getting Started

You are in the midst of a demon war that has gone on for many years. You are fighting on the front where the demons first appeared though the area the control has greatly increased. They have also started appearing in many other areas of the world.

We can start right as you have arrived in the area, or can have been fighting this front for many days/weeks maybe even years, happy to let you decide.

This is a human army. This does not mean you can’t play other races but you must have a good explanation as to why you are fighting in this war or must have a human appearance. You may also play a variation of a ranger teiflings that I will work with you to create if you’re interested. This teifling is based off of the demon hunter in WoW.

Note: Elven races have become available, they originate from very specific areas of the world though and are few and far between.

You will start at lvl 5. 20 Point Buy. Guns do not exist. You will recieve opportunities to grow your stats, but they will be set by encounter so I need to know order of importance of what you would like increased. After the demon war there will be much planer travel, so do not create someone just to be good at fighting demons in a war, though much of the fights (not all though) will be against evil outsiders.

At every lvl that you don't automatically get a +2 to a stat you roll with a 10% chance to get a +1 to a stat of your choice. So at lvl 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9…. you would roll with this low chance.

You may view the map of your world on roll20. On this map you will find where your army is based and where the demons have control. There are also many small towns not shown on the map, so you may basically create a whole town for your backstory if desired.

I have started looking into divisions of the army. As part of your background decided with division you will be a part of. If you think of a better name for calling a division let me know.

Offensive Division (melee and ranged dmg)
Shield Division (defenders and in battle healers)
Barricade/tactical Division (don't feel like explaining this one)
Animal Division (the army has dogs, cats, giant lizards, and many other animals that they send into battle)
Mounted Division (mounted combat)
Scout Division (rogues/ninjas)
Magic Division (fireballs and magic missiles)
Prisoner Division (very few prisoners, very few people in this division)
First Aid Division (out of combat healing)


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